Evening Worship

We meet for worship at 6:00pm on the first and third Sunday of the month, celebrating Holy Communion on the first Sunday to which all who seek the Lord Jesus Christ are most welcome to participate.

Our evening worship services, whilst tending to follow a traditional outline with a blend of great hymns and more contemporary worship songs, also offer an open, flexible even informal feel to our gatherings.

We encourage congregational participation in open prayer times for praise, thanksgiving, intercession, Scripture readings and prophecy, but no one need ;feel any pressure. Our heart is to see each person blessed and encouraged.

Opportunities are available to receive prayer for healing and wholeness, grace for life's challenges or simply to express a hunger for God, his favour, blessing or an impartation from his Holy Spirit.

Our evening services tend to finish after about an hour or so, after which everyone is welcome to stay for a cup of tea or coffee. People don't tend to rush off, which is great!