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Our Minister

‘I love the Lord and am grateful for the walk that I have with him and it is my heart’s desire to lead people into a relationship with the living and loving God that I know. I am passionate about praying with people, with a special interest in healing prayer. My ministry style is open, approachable and friendly, wanting to share the joy and hope of Christian faith. I believe that the Bible is the exciting and wonderful word of God for us to live by today.’...Click here to read more

The Diaconate

The Deacons, together with the MInister, share responsibility for the spirtual leadership, oversight and administration of the Church. Deacons assist the minister, but also have more general responsibilities for the day-to-day running of church life. Deacons are elected at the Annual Church Meeting and serve for three years. Click here to read more about church decisions & finance




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Tracy Wheeler


Kate Portman

Church Secretary

Safeguarding Trustee

Mike Hooper


Stuart Sandys