Our Minister

James Martin

James & Lydia with their two children

‘I love the Lord and am grateful for the walk that I have with him and it is my heart’s desire to lead people into a relationship with the living and loving God that I know. I am passionate about praying with people, with a special interest in healing prayer. My ministry style is open, approachable and friendly, wanting to share the joy and hope of Christian faith. I believe that the Bible is the exciting and wonderful word of God for us to live by today.’

James spent three years training for ministry at Spurgeon’s college, where he spent time as Minister-in-Training in churches in Surrey and Kent. The time spent at these churches has given James valuable experiences which will be source of wisdom for many years. James graduated from Spurgeon’s college in July 2018, having obtained a BA in Theology from the University of Manchester.

James is in his mid-thirties and is married to Lydia, who is a great support to James in life and in ministry life. She is a great maker of cakes, gifted administrator and is passionate about branding and design. They have two children

Things James likes: Music, Films, Board Games, Classic Cars, and Food.

Things James doesn’t like: Courgettes, Mushrooms, Peppers, and Onions. (None of these could have been in the garden of Eden! - in his opinion).


James recommends some books:

Toddlers:  The Big Bible Activity Book, Published by Scripture Union

Children: The Lion Story Tellers Bible, or The Lion Story Tellers Book of Parables, Published by Lion. Also, The Brick Bible by Skyhorse Publishing

Teens: The Action Bible & The Action Bible Devotional, Published by David C Cook

Grown Ups: Total Forgiveness, by R. T. Kendall; Why Men Hate Going to Church, by David Murrow; Leading, by Alex Ferguson and Michael Moritz

For those looking for encouragement in sharing their faith: Fruitfulness on the Frontline, by Mark Greene

James recommends a website for those who want to learn about whole books of the Bible and key themes and stories of the Bible in an easy and understandable manner, this website is a very helpful start:



James can be contacted by email:- james.pbcminister@gmail.com