Church COVID guidelines       

We are so pleased that our church building has re-opend for Sunday morning worship. We have updated the following guidelines in line with the current government guidance and what will best suit our building.  We no longer have a booking system in place so please do just turn up. 

Social Distancing

Social distancing will be in place throughout the church building, please ensure that you stay 2 metres apart where possible.  All the chairs in the sanctuary have been placed 1+ metres apart and must not be moved. Families, couples and social bubbles will of course be able to sit together.

Entry & Exit

The main Entry & Exit for church will be from Broad Street through the main church front doors.   The back door will be open to ensure good ventilation and as escape route in case of emergencies.

Sanitize Hands

Everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the building.  Under no circumstances are you allowed to shake hands or hug each other, we know this is hard, but it is very necessary to avoid the spread of the virus.

Track & Trace

You will be asked to give your name and contact details on arrival at church.  

Face Coverings

Everyone will need to wear a face mask upon entering the building and this must be worn for the duration of the service. The face mask must be covering your nose and mouth, unfortunately a clear face shield is not a suitable alternative.  If you do wish to wear a face shield, then a mask must be worn underneath.  Please bring your own facemask with you as we will not have any spare masks in church.  Children under the age of 11 are not required to wear a face mask, nor those with specific medical needs – if you are exempt please feel free to use the government exemption card template found at: or contact the church as we may be able to help you produce one.

James will not be required to wear a facemask while he is leading the service.  Instead he will stand behind a clear screen to protect you and him.  This will also be the same for anyone leading worship.


The church toilets will be open, but we strongly encourage you to use your own toilet before you arrive at church.  If you need to use the facilities, please wait until the service has started and the entrance hall is clear. Only one person at a time can use the toilet.  There will be instructions on the toilet doors that we would please ask you to read and follow.


We will be using the comfy black chairs for our services, these will be rotated and quarantined for 72 hours after each use.

Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are welcome but will need to be taken into the main sanctuary with you and either parked next to your chair or can be used instead of a chair. 


All the church doors will be open during the service to ensure the building is well ventilated.  For your own comfort please make sure you bring jackets, coats etc. to stay warm.

Shared Resources

To avoid the risk of cross contamination, we cannot provide weekly service sheets, song sheets, or church bibles at the moment.  We hope you understand that this is necessary, and we encourage you to bring your own bible with you.

Singing & Worship

We understand that it is very hard not to sing during church but it is still not allowed under current government guidelines.  The worship teams will be able to play and sing together behind clear screens.

Refreshments & Social Interaction

There will be no refreshments after the service, and we cannot allow chatting or social interaction.  You will be asked to leave the church as the service has ended.  We realise this will be difficult however, we would encourage you to arrange to meet in the park or a local coffee shop to chat instead.  Please make sure that you obey the law and do not meet in groups larger than 6.

COVID -19 Checks

We will be asking anyone attending the building to confirm that they do not currently have any of the key symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, persistent dry cough and loss of taste or smell) and have not had such symptoms for 14-days, or have been asked to self-isolate by NHS Track and Trace.  If you do have any symptoms, please do not enter the church building.

If you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 after attending a church service, you must inform a member of the leadership immediately and get a COVID-19 test.  Please be aware that The NHS Track and Trace may ask the entire congregation to self-isolate unless they can determine with whom an individual who has tested positive has been in close proximity with.

Car Sharing

At this time, the government strongly advises to avoid car sharing, however we do realise that this is a valuable service for many of our older congregation who wish to come to church.  We suggest the decision is down to your own personal discretion.  If you would like to give or a receive a lift, we would recommend wearing facemasks while traveling in the car

Clinically Vulnerable or Over 70

Those who are clinically vulnerable or those over 70 are advised to consider if it is appropriate to attend a service. However, the decision is down to each individual and everyone will be welcome as long as you adhere to the guidelines listed.


Offering will still be taken every Sunday, but the offering plate will not be passed round.  Instead there will be an offering box or plate at the entrance to the sanctuary.  Please be careful not to touch the box or plate when you leave your offering.

Live Streaming & Filming

We will be live streaming the service every Sunday morning so if you chose to stay home or are unable to get a ticket you will not miss out! Please be aware that filming will be taking place during the service. If you do not wish to be on camera, please indicate this on your booking as there is a limited area which will be out of the camera’s view.